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Thermal spraying tape

Product Application:Thermal spraying shielding processing in industries such as aerospace, shipbuilding, and metal processing manufacturing: conventional thermal spraying shielding; Plasma spraying shielding

Product characteristics

High temperature and high pressure resistance;

Tear off without residual adhesive;

Resistance to sandblasting particle impact wear;

Good adaptability


Product Performance Table

Product model colour Glue system base material Base material thickness( μ M) Total thickness( μ M) Temperature resistance (℃) Peeling force (N/25mm) Elongation rate (%)
MS2030 white silica gel Glass cloth 135 310 1200 (short term) 10 14
MS2050 blue silica gel Glass cloth 135 500 1200 (short term) 10 14
MS2060 red silica gel Glass cloth 135 600 1200 (short term) 10 14
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