Zero-carbon China, How To Seize The 70 Trillion Green Industry Investment Opportunity?

With the "dual carbon" goal put forward, more and more industries in China are undergoing in- dustrial transformation to meet the needs of low-carbon development, and the green industry that has been spawned has also ushered in major development opportunities. It is predicted that zero-carbon China will give birth to seven major investment fields, leveraging 70 trillion green industry investment opportunities, including renewable resource utilization, energy emciency improvement, end-consumption electrification, zero-carbon power generation technology, energy storage, hydrogen energy and digitalization. As an important role in realiz- ing the "dual carbon" goal, China's construction industry has also spawned a huge low-carbon economic market - building thermal insulation and energy-saving film.

 building thermal insulation and energy-saving film

The "China Building Energy Consumption Research Report (2020)" shows that in 2018, the total carbon emission of the whole building process in the country was 4.93 billion tons, accounting for 51.3% of the national carbon emission. However, in the long run, there is still a certain growth demand for carbon emissions during the operation of buildings in my country, and there is still no better reform and innovation method to achieve energy conservation and emis- sion reduction.

The total amount of carbon emissions in the whole process of construction in China

Therefore, in the construction industry, nearly 60 billion square meters of super-large existing buildings are the entry point for carbon emission management. Among them, the existing commercial buildings with high carbon emissions will be in the process of achieving the "dual carbon" goal of the overall construction industry. Play an important role.

construction industry

The energy consumption of buildings in my country accounts for more than 75% of the energy consumption of buildings, while the energy consumption of air conditioning, cooling and heating accounts for about 1/2 of the energy consumption of buildings. Serious air-condi- tioning energy consumption is mainly due to the fact that in summer air-conditioning refriger- ation and winter heating and heating, internal energy is easily radiated and conducted through curtain wall glass, doors and windows, and the glass area accounts for 70% to 90% of the lighting structure of glass curtain walls and building doors and windows. %, resulting in a large amount of air conditioning energy consumption of 45% to 70%. Relevant experts believe that "the key point of energy-saving renovation of existing buildings is the energy-saving ren- ovation of doors, windows and curtain walls, and glass renovation is the top priority."

Building thermal insulation and energy-saving film (installed outside)

Building thermal insulation and energy-saving film is a kind of transformation method that is pasted on the glass surface, which can block the solar infrared radiation from entering the room, reduce the air-conditioning refrigeration load, and euectively achieve energy saving and carbon reduction. In recent years, with its unique economy, environmental protection and operability attracted market attention. Building thermal insulation and energy-saving film can achieve a greater euect of energy saving and consumption reduction under the premise of ensuring a suitable indoor environment, showing a rapid growth trend across the country, especially in areas with hot summer and cold winter, most existing buildings have doors and windows. Building thermal insulation and energy-saving safety film has been pasted on the glass curtain wall, which has a high acceptance rate and is gradually popularized in other areas.

Building thermal insulation and energy-saving film

The diuerence between inside and outside, the energy saving rate is so diuerent!

Due to the diuerent positions of the building insulation and energy-saving films, the en- ergy-saving euects are also greatly diuerent. According to the energy-saving evaluation report issued by the Shanghai Academy of Construction Sciences, the same performance of the insulation film is applied to the same building, and it is pasted on the room of the hollow door and window glass. The energy-saving rate of air-conditioning and refrigeration is 36.1% when it is attached to the outside (outside), and the energy-saving rate of air-conditioning and refrigeration is only 15.8% when it is pasted on the interior surface of the hollow door and window glass (internally).

However, judging from the actual situation of the current market application, there are very few practical cases of such a high energy-saving external sticking method. This is because the current thermal insulation film on the market cannot cope with outdoor wind, rain, sun expo- sure and other harsh climate environments. In a short period of time, a series of problems such as surface powdering, yellowing of film materials, cracking, bubbling and warping, and blurring will occur, which will auect the sight of doors and windows and the appear- ance of building facades. Dare to adopt the transformation method of external sticking, the weather resistance of building thermal insulation and energy-saving external sticking film has become a huge challenge faced by the entire industry, and many well-known chemical companies in developed countries have not yet found a solution.

Building thermal insulation and energy-saving external film

The industry problems, the technological innovation of Chinese enterprises, can be easily solved, shocking the world!

As a new material technology company with nanotechnology innovation as the core, Nano- link successfully solved the global industry pain point in 2020 - the weather resistance problem of building thermal insulation and energy saving film (outer sticker), so that the prod- uct can be used sustainably in an ideal state 20+ years!


building thermal insulation and energy saving film (outer sticker) factory

CARMXO was established in 2014 and has a company R&D team composed of a group of re- turnees and doctors from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company doped rare earths and small metals into nano-metal oxides by solid-phase reduction method; using physical grinding and dispersion technology to achieve ultra-fine particles with a secondary parti- cle size less than 38 nanometers, and then evenly disperse these fine particles into In the plastic masterbatch, the plastic is functionally modified; then biaxially stretched PET function- al film is added to the nano-masterbatch; it has various nano-functional properties, achieving high light transmission, high heat insulation, high ultraviolet ray barrier, and high Weather resis- tance, colorfast, etc. The most important thing is to realize the ultra-long weather resistance period of nano-modified PET outdoor use for more than 20 years!

Building thermal insulation and energy-saving exterior wall film R & D team

CARMXO adopts core technology, researches with many experts, overcomes dimculties, and develops a window film with high weather resistance, which is specially used for the exterior glass of building doors and windows. It can be guaranteed for 10 years and can be used con- tinuously for more than 20 years. At present, it has passed the 2000h damp heat aging test by authoritative institutions, which is equivalent to 20 years in nature.

CARMXO external film is a new material and new technology for China's intelligent window renovation with safety, energy saving, operability and economy. Existing building energy saving is an important help to achieve the double carbon goal, and building exterior film is the most economical and convenient way.

Smart window renovation new material

Take advantage of the "carbon neutrality" wind, and jointly grasp the new wind of building energy saving. Whether it is an enterprise or an individual, for future-oriented career develop- ment and wealth arrangement, we all need to find more appropriate solutions at the nodes of the cycle. Come with CARMXO to open up a new market for building energy emciency!

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